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{to await from the stars}
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*Please note that this journal is no longer being actively updated, I have currently transitioned over to deerwoman*

Desiree is a twenty-three year old mythic artist/art student, eclectic Neo-Pagan Witch, bibliophile, Egyptophile, taphophile, amateur naturalist, and aspiring poet, writer, and bellydancer who currently resides in eastern Pennsylvania.

An archive of her older writings on various topics including religion, spirituality, mythology, Faerylore, etc. as well as Pagan book reviews can be found at desideratum {the main wing}. Her original mythic artwork and illustration can be found at her DeviantART site: Sphinxmuse. Desiree also designs and hand-crafts her own line of unique jewelry which is all available for purchase:phee_adornments

In this journal you will find some of my ruminations on art, mythology, Faery, Nature, religion, and other topics which are important to me. It also includes its fair share of rants, product reviews, as well as ramblings pertaining to my more mundane life. Basically, this journal contains my more lofty, inspirational musings as well as my vents, rants, whining, and essentially all of the things that identify me as the intrinsically flawed person that I am. If you're looking for my more thoughtful musings without the distractions posed by my general ramblings, you may wish to check out my alternate journal: deerwoman.

{desideratum}: writings and reviews
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